Shoot to Print: Digital Photography & Online Photo Printing

Digital Photography & Online Photo Printing | Ben SheehyOne of the most glorious parts of the technical age is the valuable ability to capture and share personal and professional moments effortlessly. We’ve been able to enable engagement and exchange personal advancement through images, which speaks to the valuable tradition of sharing stills, snapshots, and collections. 

Today, we can now create personal digital universes on social platforms, which acts as a self-managed fan page and frame for our lives.  Likewise, we use the same platforms to distribute the creation and elevation of digital art. With all that said, we sometimes still want to hold pictures in our hands and hang them our walls. We always want to fit those pictures into the folds of our wallets and place them lovingly behind plastic sheets within photo albums. Luckily, there are easy ways to do just that.

We’ve moved away from the era of having to take our disposable cameras to the local Walgreens or CVS for development. We don’t have to wait several days for the images to get developed. Today, there are a ton of options for online photo printing.

  • CanvasPop –  Turn your photos into high quality living art. Canvas Pop is an affordable service that allows for you to print and frame your creation so that it can become a permanent fixture in your home.
  • Snapfish – Prints very affordable prints with a large of array of gift options. Their website is highly functional.
  • Shutterfly – Specializes in offering a quantifiable product with simple packaging. The site has moderate pricing and image quality.
  • Walgreens/CVS/Target Prints – Sometimes photos still need to print in a flash. You can select printing options online for easy pick-up or order in the store. Most websites offer promotional pricing that is more competitive.
  • Nations Photo Lab – High-quality photos delivered by lesser know competitor. They have reasonable prices.
  • Adorama Pix – Quality photos, customer friendly web interface, and great packaging services for customers.
  • RitzPix – RitzPix delivers moderate photos at a decent price with excellent packaging.

Creating memorable photo albums, photo gifts, photo cards, invitations with personal flair can create lasting impressions with family and friends.

If there are other tools that you employ to share to print and share digital images and photography, please share!

Exploring Digital Photography With the iPhone X

Exploring Digital Photography With the iPhone X | Ben SheehyLovers of photography and Apple products will find both passions satisfied with the tech giant’s latest rendition of Apple’s flagship smartphone, the iPhone X.

While the new phone boasts numerous fresh features, including a new screen and facial recognition technology, one the most notable improvements is to the device’s camera.

The iPhone X is equipped with a dual-lens 12-megapixel camera, similar to its iPhone Plus predecessors. However, the X sports both an improved wide-angle and telephoto lens that allows for f/1.8 and f/2.4 aperture respectfully. These upgrades provide several advantages such as higher performance in low light situations, which has limited the iPhone’s photo capturing abilities in the past.

The difference in photo quality, when compared to past iPhone iterations, is significant. Pictures display a greater range of color and saturation, and the dual optical image optimization works to reduce motion blur. Landscape photos show a degree of depth few other smartphones on the market can rival.

The phone’s telephoto lens also allows for some amazing portraits. The camera’s Portrait Mode allows you to focus on the foreground subject, blurring the background. These photos can be manipulated further through the Portrait Lightning feature.

There are five different lighting styles – Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light Mono, Studio Light and Contour Light. The Stage Light options may be the most notable, leaving the subject highlighted against a darkened background, although the result is not quite as impressive as you’d be made to believe. However, the mode is currently in beta and will likely see improvements over time. This feature is, of course, also available through the phone’s 7-megapixel front-facing camera as well.

It would be remiss to say that the iPhone X offers the best camera on the smartphone market, no question. Many of the iPhone’s contemporaries now sport cameras of comparable quality. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, for example, has a dual-lens 12-megapixel rear camera with almost the exact specifications as the iPhone X. In practice, however, the results can vary significantly. The Pixel 2 also possesses an extraordinary camera, able to produce sharp pictures that imitate the same shallow depth of field effect as the iPhone, despite using one lens. I myself feel the iPhone X’s camera edges out the competition, but it likely comes down to personal taste.