Ben Sheehy

Ben Sheehy's love for aerial photography naturally came from his time spent piloting private planes.
Ben Sheehy’s love for aerial photography naturally came from his time spent piloting private planes.

Ben Sheehy became interested in Aerial Photography as a natural extension of his love for flying. Having logged over 120 flight hours as a private pilot, Ben has seen all different parts of the country and realized how beautiful the world is. Ben has always had RC helicopters of some scale and capabilities; now, however, his fleet of drones has grown drastically. Over the last two years, Ben has collected multiple iterations of aerial photography platforms; currently, Ben owns three quadcopters.

Not only does Ben Sheehy enjoy flying his drones and capturing images from above ground – he also enjoys post-production. Using different editing software such as Final Cut Pro and iMovie, Ben has produced countless short movies on interesting events and locations that he has encountered in his travel both for work and for personal reasons.

Initially, aerial photography started out as a hobby for Ben Sheehy. Now, Ben provides his services to one of his previous employers – – to enhance their marketing presence for their residential real estate listings.

Ben also participates in monthly aerial photography gatherings throughout the Rocky Mountain region to meet up with other enthusiasts and to discuss a variety of issues. These issues include things such as regulations, safety, emerging technologies, the safe promotion of aerial photography, the public’s perception of aerial photography, and tips and tricks that you can use to improve your abilities.

Outside of photography, Ben enjoys vacationing with his family. Ben’s favorite vacation spot is Cozumel – partially because of the fantastic scuba diving opportunities in the area. Outside of that, he loves taking the family to Hawaii, Cancun and the Cayman Islands. Ben has been a certified PADI since 1997 and has logged over 300 dives at locations across the world.

Ben is also very interested in sports cars and currently owns three Corvettes. He has attended track days in Nebraska, Denver, Las Vegas and some other places. He learned about track days when he took his Corvette in for an upgrade back in 1999. Since then, he has used track days as a way to push his sports cars to the edge without endangering others. Ben said that his favorite car he has ever driven is a Lamborghini Aventador. The rarity of the car – along with its 700 horsepower – make it a pleasure to be behind the wheel.

Currently, Ben is a ServiceNow Developer in the Colorado area. He has worked with the ServiceNow platform for the last five years, initially starting at Critigen and then moving on to Motricity and Fruition. Now, Ben Sheehy works as an independent contractor.

Before starting his IT career in 1997, Ben served in the United States Marine Corps. From 1992 to 1997, Ben was a Ground Radio Repairman. Now, Ben is studying Computer Science at Excelsior College to help further his professional career. He is expected to graduate in 2016.